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Roller shutter garage doors
Hormann garage doors
Roller shutter, automated, up and over, canopy garage doors
Garage doors supplied, installed, repaired and serviced
Garage doors serviced and repaired
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ACE Garage Doors

ACE Garage Doors supply and fit the finest quality Hormann Garage Doors on the market. We continually strive for the highest possible standard of customer satisfaction. We cover all areas of Hertfordshire and have many satisfied customers in Stevenage in particular.

We supply, fit, repair and service every type of garage door on the market from manual doors on a budget to top of the range, fully automated roller shutters. We are happy to tackle any size job from a broken spring to supplying multiple MHormann Garage Doors for new housing projects.

If you are looking for high quality Hormann Garage Doors then contact ACE Garage Doors for a FREE QUOTE today.

Door services and repairs

  • Extensive range of doors
  • All doors fitted by experts
  • FREE quotes
  • Automated operation
  • Full servicing and repairs
  • 24/7 call out available

Garage door types

  • Electric roller shutters
  • Canopy / up & over doors
  • Cardale garage doors
  • Garador garage doors
  • Wessex garage doors
  • Hormann garage doors

Areas covered

  • Hertfordshire
  • Bedfordshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Cambridgeshire
  • Essex
  • North London

Garage doors supplied, fitted, serviced and repaired

The range of roller garage doors that ACE Garage Doors supply and fit boast a host of unique safety, security and design features. Through curtain, end plate and guide rail engineering, our roller garage doors benefit from increased strength, no excessive operating noise and far better insulation than a standard garage door.

Why slats are better on a roller garage door

The individual slat system on our roller garage doors have a couple of advantages over other types of garage doors. Firstly, there is the minimal space requirement in the garage itself. Conventional up and over or sectional garage doors require a good portion of the roof space to operate in, our roller garage doors roll into a compact space just above the door opening. Should your door suffer any damage, only the slats that are damaged or dented need to be replaced, this is far cheaper than replacing the entire door.

Complete roller garage door system that includes the operator

The roller garage doors ACE Garage Doors supply and fit provide plenty of space in front of and inside the garage itself. You can drive directly up to the door to park, no need to leave a space for opening. Best of all, the ceiling space of the garage remains available to store other long items such as ladders and timber, something that is not always possible with other types of garage doors.

Our roller garage doors are made of the highest quality corrosion free aluminium, the door profile is equipped with up to date operator technology as a standard feature. The operator is located outside the support bracket for ease of maintenance. The start and stop function of the roller garage door is gentle and quiet, giving the door and its mechanism a longer operating life. An internal push button and garage illumination are already integrated into the control housing.

The exterior of our roller garage doors offer a distinguished and balanced appearance, this is owing to the evenly ribbed profiles. For a matching overall appearance the curtain cover and guide rails are also delivered in the colour and finish of the door you have chosen. Let us know the colour you want and we can usually match it. If you are unsure, we can show you some sample colours to help you decide, some even have a woodgrain effect that give a natural timber look.

Cutting edge technology on our roller garage doors

The tested tension spring assembly supports the operator during the opening and closing of the roller garage door. This protects the operator mechanism and in case of an emergency, the door can be easily opened by manually. A manual handle is not needed. Double cabling additionally protects the door from hitting the floor.

Secure roller garage doors by design

The special profile arrangement at the shaft guarantees a secure, break in resistant locking. With this mechanism, it is practically impossible to push the roller door open.

The operator is included as standard on our roller garage doors. The spring compensation and reliable automatic cut out render an additional closing edge safety device unnecessary. An internal push button and light are already integrated in the control housing.

So if you would like a sleek, modern alternative to the old style up and over garage door, why not consider a roller garage door from ACE Garage Doors.

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